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Maj. Chris Thrasher with Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 373 embraces his kids at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., April 6. MWSS-373 recently completed a six-month deployment to the 5th fleet area of operations. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Jacob Pruitt/Released)

Photo by Cpl. Jacob Pruitt

“Aces” return home

13 Apr 2018 | Cpl. Jacob Pruitt 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

MWSS-373 returned home to MCAS Miramar, California, April 6, from a six-month deployment operating in Central Command where they supported aerial operations and contributed to the mission success of the flying squadrons in their area of operation.

“We were supporting the [Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force]-Crisis Response - Central Command,” said Lt. Col. James Bauch, the commanding officer of MWSS-373. “Our primary mission was supporting the airfield and flying squadrons.”

MWSS-373 conducted operations across the 5th Fleet area of operations and were able to exercise all of the capabilities of a Marine Wing Support Squadron in a multitude of different environments.

“Our deployment was extremely successful,” said Bauch. “MWSS-373 supported four flying squadrons in two different locations and were able to push airfield damage repair capabilities the whole six months of our deployment.”

The Marines operating with MWSS-373 covered a range of operations throughout the 52 different military occupational specialties within the squadron, including engineer projects and aircraft recovery.

“Across the board we were able to exercise all the capabilities an MWSS has in all kinds of different environments.”

Peeler also attributed the success of MWSS-373 to their non-commissioned officer and junior Marines.

“They ran data plans, they were doing grid layouts, electrical interior wiring. You name it, our sergeants were taking care of it,” said Peeler. “We’re going to have a group of sergeants here at MWSS-373 that can actually go back and teach the younger Marines exactly how to do the jobs they need to be prepared for the next rotation of deployments.”

After several months away from home, the Marines of MWSS-373 eagerly walked down the flight line and embraced their families and friends.

“I think what the squadron learned the most is it really does matter what happens at the staff sergeant and below levels,” said Bauch. “I think what they really came away with is knowing their individual actions within their sections, their platoon and their company, had a great impact on the greater area of operations.”

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