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A U.S. Marine sits on the CH-53E Super Stallion’s ramp as the aircraft leaves the USNS D. T. Williams (T-AK-3009), April 5.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Caleb Stelter

II MEF Wraps up Dynamic Cape 21.1

6 May 2021 | Sgt. Elizabeth Gerber II Marine Expeditionary Force

II Marine Expeditionary Force executed Exercise Dynamic Cape 21.1, a live maritime prepositioning exercise that included an Operational Logistics Exercise with a subsequent final exercise event, from April 7-28.

DC 21.1 was a MEF level exercise which supported the development of command and control and logistics capabilities across different areas of operations. The scenario-based training incorporated movement of military equipment, personnel, transportation, and cross communication between II MEF, its allies, and partners.

U.S. Marines assigned to II MEF, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, and 2nd Marine Logistics Group participated in DC 21.1 with external support from the Norwegian Army’s Brigade North.

During DC 21.1, the OPLOGEX took place across the Eastern United States including Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, and Blount Island, Florida. The logistical exercise showcased the Marines’ ability to transport military equipment by rail, motor transport, and ship.

The OPLOGEX component of DC 21.1 was conducted by the recently activated 2nd Landing Support Battalion, 2nd MLG.

“For this particular exercise, we intentionally set up so that we would have the most realistic training we could have with the supply processes implemented.” Marine Corps Maj. William Hemme, Arrival and Assemble Operations Group Supply Officer

“This is our first major exercise since the activation of 2nd Landing Support Battalion,” said Lt. Col. Randall Nickel, commanding officer of 2nd LSB, “Marines of 2nd LSB were supporting the reconstitution of the equipment that was assigned to the MAGTF during exercise Dynamic Cape. The realistic quality of the exercise was apparent when put to the test.”

DC 21.1 has served as a crucial exercise for many components of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force in refining and instilling combat readiness across many occupational fields.

“The processes that we established for Dynamic Cape 21 are exactly the same processes that we would use in a combat operation,” said Marine Corps Maj. William Hemme, the Arrival and Assemble Operations Group Supply Officer, “…as part of Dynamic Cape and the Operation Logistics Exercise, we have downloaded and we are reconstituting a single ship, the USNS D. T. Williams.”

Hemme stresses the importance of a realistic simulation for those who are responsible for the embarkation and disembarkation of equipment from one location to another.

“For this particular exercise, we intentionally set up so that we would have the most realistic training we could have with the supply processes implemented,” said Hemme.

Throughout DC 21.1, II MEF showcased command and control capabilities and achieved a major movement of personnel and equipment in a realistic training environment.

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