Marines who use FedMall must have active status by Oct. 12 or lose account access

12 Oct 2021 | Beth Reece Defense Logistics Agency

Military and federal agency customers who use FedMall to order items like repair parts and basic office supplies must log in to their accounts to maintain an active status before Oct. 12 to ensure continued access when the e-commerce site moves to a new platform in November.

Accounts that haven’t been used in 90 days are inactive and won’t migrate to FedMall’s new home in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment. Those account holders will be required to register in PIEE as a new user and obtain supervisor and government administrator approval before they can access FedMall. Active account users will simply be asked to confirm their information when entering PIEE for the first time.

Order history and user information will still be available in PIEE for active users, and those who have to re-register won’t lose such data.

FedMall Technical Manager Richard Campagna said FedMall’s move to PIEE has been in process for two years. Initial testing occurred in June 2020 and user acceptance testing will be completed this month.

The transition benefits customers by providing a single sign on for access to a range of federal procurement tools, Campagna said. It also improves oversight.

“That means better accountability, better controls and better auditability." Richard Campagna, FedMall Technical Manager

Campagna compared PIEE to a shopping mall.

“It’s like going into a mall that has lots of different stores but you only need to go into certain ones. Within PIEE, there are numerous applications with role-based access that require approval based on users’ jobs, so you only use the ones you’re registered for,” he said.

The existing FedMall URL will remain live. Users attempting to sign in or register will be rerouted to PIEE, where they’ll see icons for individual applications after signing in to the platform.

FedMall itself is not changing though administrators are working on several system improvements that are planned for release next fall, Campagna added. The online ordering system has about 160,000 accounts with about 45,000 currently active.

For registration or login help, contact the PIEE Help Desk at 1-866-618-5988. To register or log in to PIEE, visit

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