Mess Hall Enduring Freedom Opens in Kuwait

27 Nov 2007 | Sgt. C. Nuntavong

Mess Hall Enduring Freedom opened its tent flap to all service members and government employees aboard the air base Feb. 1.

The first person served was Cpl. Brandon J. Adolphus, Marine Wing Support Squadron 373 weather forecaster and California native.

The State of Kuwait employs the mess hall civilian staff and pays for the food provided, according to Chief Warrant Officer 3 Charlie Daniels, Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 3 food service officer. He also said they paid for the construction of the new mess hall.

"The Air Force was our biggest ally," said the Arkansas native. "Without the support of Lt. Col Jamie Manker (Air Force Liaison for Military Operations) and Capt. Alex Gaines (Air Base Food Service Officer) we wouldn't have a mess hall."

The mess hall can seat more than 600 people and will provide the same regular meal hours and menu as the Air Force mess hall, the Red Tail Inn, according to Gunnery Sergeant Terrence F. Triplett, Marine Wing Support Squadron 373 mess hall manager.

"We are one unit," said the Louisiana native. "We all work together regardless of branch of service."

The new mess hall is located in south east of Marine Tent City and is convenient for most Marines.

"It's a better option for us because we live nearby," said Sgt. Timothy L. Grimspy, MWSS-373 military police officer and Michigan native.