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Lance Cpl. Jonathan W. Chaline verifies his inventory of 782 gear in the supply lot July 29, at Al Asad, Iraq. The mission of a supply Marine is to ensure that all the service members in their unit are equipped with the proper supplies to complete their mission. Chaline, a native of Magnolia, Texas, is the warehouse supply chief for Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 3, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Brandon L. Roach

Wing Marines keep supplies ready in Al Asad

2 Aug 2006 | Lance Cpl. Brandon L. Roach

Supporting deployed service members can be a very challenging job, but for the supply Marines of Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 3, every day evolves around ensuring mission accomplishment during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"Our mission is to support the Marines and sailors of MWHS-3 and staff and subordinate units of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing," said 2nd Lt. Forrest C. Sweitzer, supply officer-in-charge, MWHS-3. "There is no problem big or small that we can't handle."

With constant requests coming in for supplies, the Marines are constantly on the move to get the needed items from storage.

"We keep as much gear as possible that we know will be used by the units," said Lance Cpl. Jonathan W. Chaline, warehouse chief, MWHS-3. "Certain things have to be special ordered from companies back in the United States."

Although the supply section has many different items needed to complete the missions, they have to order supplies from different vendors and companies in order to maintain their operational readiness.

"We order a lot of things from vendors in the United States," said Chaline. "The quality and price is better when going through the American companies, and we receive military discounts from them."

Sometimes ordering from the States can take a lot longer for delivery. Local vendors are often used to expedite the delivery of products requested.

"We are trying to use local vendors at least 50 percent of the time," said Staff Sgt. Jose Jimenez, supply chief, MWHS-3. "It contributes to the rebuilding of Iraq, and sometimes locals can get things other people cannot."

In a memorandum dated July 12, Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr. stated, it was his intent to leverage all of the command's activities and resources to provide increased opportunities for economic expansion in Iraq.

"If the Marines need it, we get it. From ink cartridges and toilet paper to 50-ton air conditioning units, we make it happen," said Sweitzer. "Because we are the headquarters squadron for 3rd MAW, we support not only our Marines but Navy and Army units to ensure everyone is well-equipped to most effectively and efficiently complete their mission.

With economic growth on the rise in Iraq, the Marines of the MWHS-3 supply section continue to support the service members and the people they are protecting.