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Heavy equipment operators with Marine Wing Support Squadron 374 clear a berm that was obstructing a taxiway here. The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward) support squadron refurbished the runway and taxiways at the former Iraqi air base in order to establish a forward arming and refueling point

Photo by Cpl. George J. Papastrat

Aviation ‘pit stop’ keeps operations running in al Anbar Province

10 Sep 2008 | Cpl. George J. Papastrat

The Marines of Marine Wing Support Squadron 374 recently trekked across the desert to the abandoned remains of an Iraqi air base here to set up an aviation ‘pit stop.’

 Called forward arming and refueling points, the pit stop provides Marine aviators a means of supporting missions in remote areas of al Anbar Province.
In a little more than two days, the Marines built a base camp, established air traffic communications and refurbished landing strips to create a fully-functioning refueling point.