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Staff Sgt. Hugh E. Wurts, a musician with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band, gives pointers to Manu V. Taufa and Jaime M. Marsh, both members of the Westwood High School Band. The Marines helped the students fine tune their musical skills.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Manuel F. Guerrero

High school students lern from 3rd MAW band

16 Jan 2009 | Lance Cpl. Manuel F. Guerrero

Recently, Marines from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing band invited band students from Woodside High School to visit them for a day of musical education.

The visit included a 3rd MAW band performance, a tour of their building and a combined concert.

“The Marines looked forward to interacting with the younger generation by acting as role models and mentors to them,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Yaphet K. Jones, the acting officer-in-charge for the 3rd MAW band. “We kept them motivated and pumped up.”

A large part of what the Marines taught the students was how to conduct themselves.

“We gave students pointers on our professionalism,” said Staff Sgt. David L. Morrell, the enlisted conductor for the band.

Not only did the students learn about musical traits, they connected with the Marines on a personal level.

“Everyone here is so disciplined,” said Jimmy Aguilar, a member of the high school band. “They showed me that you can relax and have a good time while playing instruments.”

As the day progressed, the Marines and teenagers separated into specific groups relative their instruments.

“This experience kept the Marines’ professional skills sharp,” said Jones. “The Marines were given the opportunity to touch the mind and soul of the younger generation.”

Furthermore, the Marines knew they were a positive influence for the high schoolers, added Jones.

“The students were very eager and receptive to what we were teaching them today,” said Sgt. Edward T. Thiroux, a guitar player with the band.

“In the future, we plan to adopt local high schools where we could periodically educate them,”said Jones.

The 3rd MAW Band plans to host more of these interactive field trips for the community.