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Capt. John E. Kellner, a trial counsel for Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron the proper way to drive the ball succesfully. Marines can take advantage of the free golf lessons every Wednensday.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Manuel F. Guerrero

Golf Pro Shop helps service members with golf skills

16 Apr 2009 | Lance Cpl. Manuel F. Guerrero

The Golf Pro Shop here hosts a free active-duty golf clinic every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The professionals at the shop help beginner golfers familiarize themselves with the game. They also help fine-tune the skills of experienced players.

“The instructors give service members tips on the mechanics of how to drive the ball,” said Robert Knight, the head instructor for the Professional Golf Association at the Pro Shop. “The golfers always have a good time, and they learn a lot.”

Not only do the instructors teach service members on how to properly execute driving a ball, they also give them tips on chipping and putting.

After the professionals teach novice golfers the basics, they can use those skills to elevate their game to the next level. The beginning golfers are taught a proper stance using four key elements: grip, alignment, stance and posture. All of the instruction is conducted at the Miramar Memorial Golf Course’s driving range. 

Knight believes the practice really helped him improve on his skills and recommends the clinic for golfers of any level.

Practicing at the range helps service members understand what effects their swing has on the ball, which helps them gauge how to use it effectively, explained Michael Jones, the first assistant PGA golf professional for the shop.

The teachers rotate each week, volunteering to teach novice golfers the skills they need to succeed.

“The instructors are very educated in the game of golf,” said Lance Cpl. Brian P. Campbell, a supply liaison for Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101. “They will set us in the right path, and keep the players away from bad habits of the game.”

Any active service members interested in beginning, or improving their golf game should call the Pro Shop at 858-577-4155.