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Staff Sgt. Nathan Kuwitsky, the assistant staff non commissioned officer in charge of the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 electric shop, puts the finishing touches on a mural he designed and painted Oct. 8.

Photo by Cpl Aubry L. Buzek

Marine combines work, passion on unusual canvas

15 Oct 2009 | Cpl. Aubry L. Buzek 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

Some artists delicately brush watercolor paint onto paper, while some blend pastels on canvas – but one Miramar Marine creates art on a much larger scale.

Staff Sgt. Nathan Kuwitsky, the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232, Marine Aircraft Group 11, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, I Marine Expeditionary Force electrical shop assistant staff noncommissioned officer in charge, paints military and aircraft-inspired murals anywhere he can get his paintbrush in the VMFA-232 hangar.

Military-themed murals haven’t always been his fascination. Growing up, he illustrated a variety of subjects on many different backdrops, from the sidewalk to canvases. He was able to combine his professional ambitions with his personal talents when he joined the military, explained Kuwitsky.

“I like to do things that will motivate Marines and celebrate the history of the Marine Corps,” said Kuwitsky.

His dedication to the Marine Corps and his pride in the “Red Devils” is evident in his carefully designed murals, explained Cpl. Sean Kelly, the corrosion control supervisor with the squadron.

“The detail in his work is absolutely outstanding,” said Kelly. Kuwitsky, a history buff, explains that he takes pride in the detail in his art.

“That’s my style,” said Kuwitsky, who often puts in hours of research before beginning a project. “Some people are abstract or impressionistic, but my thing is detail and historical accuracy.”

Kuwitsky’s latest work, a 21-foot-long, 8-foot-tall mural painted on a hallway wall, depicts a Douglass SBD-1 Dauntless, a dive-bomber the squadron flew during WWII; an F/A-18, the squadron’s current fighter jet; a giant representation of the squadron’s logo, a red devil carrying a spear; and a banner underneath reading “Red Devils: Established 1925.”

“This is one of the oldest squadrons in the Marine Corps, I wanted to do something to celebrate that history,” said Kuwitsky.

The mural provides a visual and colorful way to motivate the Marines who work in these halls every day, explained Kelly.

“I guarantee there is no one in the squadron who doesn’t smile when they see this,” said Kelly. “He did an outstanding job.”

 Although Kuwitsky is just putting the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece, he looks forward to adding more life to the squadron’s walls in the future.

“I love it,” said Kuwitsky. “If it’s something I can do to provide good morale and pride in service and the unit, then I am happy to do it.”