Pre-deployment audit prevents financial mishaps

15 Mar 2010 | Lance Cpl. Steven H. Posy

With more than a half a million dollars of entitlement benefits to consider, one of the most important steps a Marine can take before deploying into theatre is a pre-deployment audit.

Marines at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Installation Personnel Administration Center conduct audits and educate other Marines to ensure that their administrative information is correct before a deployment.

“Many problems can arise while a Marine is deployed if they have not checked all of their information thoroughly,” said Cpl. Delia E. Gardner, the customer service noncommissioned officer at IPAC.

The audit walks the Marines through each step of checking all of their administrative information to make sure that it is updated and accurate.

It is important for Marines to check that their Service Members Group Life Insurance, record of emergency data, next of kin, powers of attorney, and dependent information is up to date to ensure that their families are taken care of in the event of their death while deployed, explained Gardner.

“Marines have a responsibility to themselves and to their families to make sure that all of the information is correct,” said Lance Cpl. Jay K. Jayaraman, the reservist travel liaison of the deployed support branch at IPAC.

The audit also helps Marines ensure their leave and earnings statements are accurate and that their financial obligations are well managed.

“Marines should be proactive with their pay issues and should make sure that they receive only what they are entitled to,” said Lance Cpl. Eboni S. Washington, the diary feedback report chief of the deployed support branch at IPAC. “Small discrepancies during a deployment can cost a Marine a lot of money.”

For issues regarding lease agreements, wills and child custody, Marines are directed to MCAS Miramar Legal Services, explained Gardner.

Representatives from IPAC visit each unit and give classes to Marines scheduled to deploy, but also urge Marines to take initiative and thoroughly investigate all aspects of their administrative profiles. For more information, contact IPAC’s deployed support branch at 858-577-1338.