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Staff Col. Esahel Hatem Abdel Haleem Elaannie makes his speech during a ribbon cutting ceremony and building dedication while his interpreter looks on in Camp Mejid July 24. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo)

Photo by Cpl. Taylor Poulin

Ceremony marks significant step toward independent operations for Iraqi Army 7th Infantry Division

25 Jul 2008 | Cpl. Taylor Poulin

The Camp Mejid-based Location Command of the Iraqi Army’s 7th Infantry Division held a ribbon cutting ceremony July 24 to officially open the doors to new facilities here.

The ceremony consisted of speeches by unit commanders and an Iraqi Army salute, also known as the janoud creed. The official opening of the facilities represents a significant milestone in the process to establish an infrastructure from which the Location Command can provide logistical support.

“Four buildings on Camp Mejid have been completed. This is the first of many more buildings to be turned over to the IA,” said Staff Col. Esahel Hatem Abdel Haleem Elaannie. Civilian construction crews began construction on the facilites in November 2007. The project is slated for completion in the near future.

The most recently completed buildings house a medical facility and a gymnasium. IA commanders dedicated the new buildings to fallen Iraqi soldiers, Martyr BG Muthanna Fa’ep Abd Al Razzaq and Martyr Warrant Officer Abbas Fadel Abid.

The Location Command continues to evolve with increasing personnel to provide logistic, supply and maintenance support for the division. In addition to filling these support roles, the LC will oversee all base functions to include sanitation, electrical generation and distribution, food preparation, and base security. Medical staff assigned to the Location Command will operate the newly completed medical facility.

Colonel Khaled Noori, Camp Mejid Location Command commander, thanked the division and the Location Command for working so well together and so tirelessly to achieve this milestone. Other key note speakers in attendance echoed Noori’s sentiments.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be here representing the coalition,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Motsch, Location Military Advising Team senior advisor. “These buildings we dedicated today will enhance the logistic and medical support for the IA 7th Division and once the LC project is complete, it will help the overall sustainment capabilities for the 7th Division. I look forward to our continued partnership with the 7th Division to support Iraqi’s freedom.”

The opening of this facility represents an important step toward independent operations for the Camp Mejid Location Command and enhances the command’s ability to support the soldiers of the 7th Iraqi Army Infantry Division.