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Maj. Gen. Angela Salinas, the director of Manpower Management Division, Headquarters Marine Corps, speaks to officers and staff noncommissioned officers here, March 18. Salinas discussed the many changes the Marine Corps is going through and told them what's really going on behind the scenes and why changes are being made. (Official Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. Sarah F. Johnson, Released)

Photo by Sgt. Sarah Johnson

Major General Salinas mentors through times of change

21 Mar 2013 | Sgt. Frances Goch

The Director of Manpower Management Division, Headquarters Marine Corps, Maj. Gen. Angela Salinas, took the opportunity to speak to officers and staff noncommissioned officers at the Officers’ Club here, March 18.

“The (professional military education) PME I offered was just to educate and to be interactive because there are so many changes going on,” said Salinas. “Getting firsthand knowledge of what’s really going on, behind the scenes, and why things are happening was really the end state.”

Salinas covered a range of topics including the future of the wounded warrior battalion, the downsizing of the Marine Corps, and budget constraints.

“There was a lot of information that was floating around that was very vague and I believe Major General really, really, really cleared a lot of that up,” said Staff Sgt Marshall Levy, a staff noncommissioned officer in-charge with Aviation Logistics Information Management, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11. “It's very beneficial to have something that I can take back to  the other staff sergeants or sergeants to say this is exactly what's going on instead of the scuttlebutt”

Salinas also went through the impact of fitness reports, the structure of promotion boards and the importance to the Corps of “calling it.”

“We have to make accurate calls,” said Salinas. “Sometimes it is time for Marines to move on and become those quality citizens we return back to society to make way for the younger generation. We have these young men and women who, maybe only three or four years ago, dreamed of serving in the Marine Corps for a full 20 years and now, that may not be possible.”

Salinas went on to explain that the Marine Corps is losing capable and talented Marines due to limited promotions, and the mission is to keep the best and brightest in the corps, while downsizing.

“General Salinas made an outstanding point when she directed our leaders to really mentor our junior Marines and to emphasize to them that they need to seize their careers and they need to do it now,” said Sgt. Maj. Anthony Spadaro, the 3rd MAW Sergeant Major. “Don’t hesitate – don’t put it off because you may not have the opportunity to in the future.”