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Davina Grundström, a command team advisor with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 225, poses with her husband’s squadron’s signage aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., Oct. 10. Grundström is highlighted as part of the Committed and Engaged Spouse campaign.

Photo by Cpl. Melissa Wenger

VMFA-232 wife makes the most out of Marine Corps volunteer opportunities

18 Oct 2013 | Cpl. Melissa Wenger

Armed with two crockpots and a “larger than average” picnic basket, the wife of a Marine with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 brings cookies and cheer to the unit.

Davina Grundström, a command team advisor with VMFA-232 and wife of Gunnery Sgt. Justin Grundström, a quality controller with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 Red Devils and a Dothan, Ala. native, has always believed that involvement with the unit is paramount.

“With my mom being an Army wife, I didn’t know there was a way not to be [involved in your husband’s unit],” she said. “She set a good example in that aspect. I needed to make sure my husband was happy at work. I felt like I had to support him in every way I could and that to me meant to be involved.”

Grundström now sets the example for other Marine spouses. Part of being involved to her means as a command team advisor, serving as a link between the families and the unit’s leadership.

“I hope the wives have some place to go and be comfortable, no matter officer or enlisted, that they understand we’re all here together as one and there are support systems for those families when the Marines are home or away their families are taken care of,” she said.

And she doesn’t leave the Marines behind either:  Grundström knows how much a warm meal can warm the heart.

“We have a ‘Take-Five’ group so when the Marines have a long day or a weekend when they’re working, as spouses, we’ll get together and cook for the guys,” she said. “Being at the squadron and seeing my husband is fantastic, but bringing the food to the single Marines with a big smile on their faces completely changes your day seeing their reactions. They’re just so humble and appreciative.”

Grundström also understands her responsibility to her husband. Every marriage can benefit from more effective communication. Particularly in military unions, having some involvement in a partner’s career will promote healthy correspondence.

She explains:

“If my husband has a bad day at work and I don’t understand what is going on, then how am I to help him cope with it? Or even on a deployment, if something’s happening and he’s trying to talk to me about it and I can’t understand it and I can’t follow it, then how am I being supportive?”

By Grundström giving back to the squadron, like her husband, she too shares distinct service to the Marine Corps and invests in its future.

“What a gunnery sergeants wife should do: lead by example just like he does,” she said.

This story is part of an ongoing series highlighting the committed and engaged spouses of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.