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The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, one of ten Marine Corps fleet bands, is under the command of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing. The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band (3D MAW Band) is stationed on Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California. The band provides musical support for military units, civilian community relations, recruiting and troop morale and welfare. The band is comprised of Marines with musically diverse backgrounds with some members being recent high school graduates, some having attended college or completing college music degrees and some having years of professional performance experience.

While the members of the band typically spend their days rehearsing and performing music, they are required to maintain physical fitness standards, height and weight standards, pistol and rifle qualifications, swim qualifications and many other types of military training that is in keeping with the Marine Corps philosophy that “Every Marine is a Rifleman”. When the band is deployed in support of combat operations, its primary mission is to provide security for the Third Marine Aircraft Wing or any other mission directed by the Commanding General.

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