Commander's Philosophy

The Marine Corps is charged with being most ready when the Nation is least ready.  Our readiness supports combat power projection through the full range of military operations from peacekeeping to war.  With that basic understanding, we must get ready and stay ready.

This document provides a transparent view of how I will command and lead.  To start, everyone has my full trust and confidence.  You earned that when you earned the title Marine and completed entry-level training.  My intent will focus on developing each Marine and employing them within highly capable teams.  Specifically, we will focus on developing Marines of high character that are well-trained.  I fundamentally believe high character, well-trained Marines are the basic building blocks for mission accomplishment and innovation.  We cannot get this wrong.

We will accomplish this by applying the following:

  • Dignity & Respect.  How we treat people (seniors, peers, and subordinates) matters.  Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Leadership is the best thing we can give our Marines.  Leadership is beyond task management and supervision.  The zenith of leadership is inspiration.

  • Mentorship.  Junior Marines do not have to experience mistakes to learn.  All Marines, no matter their rank, will have a mentor to guide them in their personal and professional development.  Giving and receiving mentorship takes time but it’s time well spent.

  • Training.  This is inclusive of professional military education (PME), technical courses, and college.  I will accept the risk of getting Marines trained; however, I fully expect a return on the investment.

  • Great teams do the fundamental things well.  I need each Marine to know and care about their fundamental requirements.  Leaders are expected to maximize the individual capabilities of their Marines and employ them as a team.  We will always achieve more together than as individuals.


Semper Fidelis,



Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

Commanding Officer

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing