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Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 225

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

MAG-11 Mission Statement

Marine Aircraft Group 11 generates, embarks, and integrates relevant, combat ready aviation forces capable of providing Offensive Air Support, Anti-Aircraft Warfare, Assault Support, Aerial Reconnaissance, and terminal area Control of Aircraft; generates critical aviation logistics support; provides 12 of the functions of Aviation Ground Support; supports the generation of squadrons assigned to Navy Carrier Airwings; trains to standard Marine Fighter/Attack Pilots and Weapons Systems Officers and Navy Strike Fighter Pilots; and prepares to deploy the Marine Aircraft Group Headquarters as a Site Command capable of generating sorties to service standard for the Marine Tactical Air Commander; all in order to ensure success in combat in support of the MAGTF and Combatant Commanders.

VMFA(AW)-225 Leaders

Lieutenant Colonel Elika Bowmer
Commanding Officer, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 225

Sergeant Major Jonathan L. Groth
Sergeant Major, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 225



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