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Maj. Gen. Daniel O’Donohue, commanding general of 1st Marine Division, speaks about Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) 39 and 1st MARDIV’s integration during an award ceremony at Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, Calif., May 15. 1st MARDIV recognized MAG-39 as an honorary member for continuing to support the ground Marines and constantly working toward more advanced MAGTF integration. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jake M.T. McClung/Released)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jake McClung

MAG-39 becomes honorary member of 1st MARDIV

17 May 2017 | Lance Cpl. Jake M.T. McClung 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

1st MARDIV recognized MAG-39 as an honorary member for their continuous support of the I Marine Expeditionary Force ground Marines and consistent work toward advancing Marine air-ground task force integration, explained O’Donohue.

“I have never done this before and will not likely do it with another [Marine Aircraft Group],” said O’Donohue. “The fact MAG-39 has our logos on their aircraft, and so many other intentional ways of showing support of the ground troops, demonstrates how MAG-39 has set the standard for the Marine Corps.”

"This incredible recognition by the Marines of the historic 1st Marine Division that we support and fight alongside is truly the greatest accolade that MAG-39 could possibly achieve and we are extremely proud of it," said Borgschulte. "I consider this MAG-39's highest achievement and it symbolizes the close partnerships we have built with our 1st Marine Division partners."

MAG-39 played a major role in multiple exercises in which commanders from both air and ground sides came together to plan and execute the mission, including exercise Seahorse Wind, Integrated Training Exercise, Steel Knight and others, explained O’Donohue.

Borgschulte stated, since becoming the commanding officer of MAG-39 he has made it one of his command’s priorities to create a stronger relationship between squadrons with MAG-39 and ground units with the I MEF.

“This is truly a one of a kind recognition and further highlights the MAGTF integration efforts MAG-39 has executed so well with 1st Marine Division,” said Borgschulte. "This is what it is all about, and to have the warriors we support adopt you as one of their own in the historic Blue Diamond is an accolade I will proudly carry with me forever."

Borgschulte continued, "I have no doubt these close relationships have significantly increased the combat readiness and our future effectiveness and we will leverage this when we get the call to fight."

The award states: "Let it be known that Michael J. Borgschulte is hereby recognized as an honorary member of the oldest, largest, most decorated, Marine Division in the United States Marine Corps, the Blue Diamond Division. Your support here will forever be a part of the rich legacy of this Division. Thank you for your continued contributions to the Marines and Sailors of the Blue Diamond. Your consistent patriotism leaves us indebted to you. We wish you continued success in your future challenges, and remember that your actions today and in the future will always reflect on the Blue Diamond Team."

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