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Equal Opportunity Advisor


​GySgt Adames, Melissa
Building 8402 (3rd MAW HQ), Room B108
3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, MCAS Miramar
Office: (858) 307-7447


The Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) provides information, assistance, and advice on all Equal Opportunity (EO) matters to the commander, commanding general, commanding officer, tenant commander, Marines and Sailors, and other attached service members. The primary duty of the EOA is to assist the commander in executing the commander's Equal Opportunity Program.

Communication with an EOA is considered Protected Communication

Protected Communication Lawful communication to a member of Congress, an IG, or to any other person or organization (including any person or organization in the chain of command) designated to receive such communications, to which a person makes a complaint or discloses information that he or she reasonably believes evidences a violation of law or regulation (including those covering unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment).


MAG-39: 760-725-8287

MACG-38: 858-307-9475

MAG-16: 858-307-7772

MAG-13: 928-269-4161

MAG-11: 858-307-4057

MWHS-3: 858-307-4343