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Marine Aircraft Group 11


Marine Aircraft Group 11

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

MAG-11 Leaders

Colonel Scott M. Koltick
Commanding Officer, Marine Aircraft Group 11

Lieutenant Colonel Bruce K. Williams, III
Executive Officer, Marine Aircraft Group 11

Sergeant Major Robert M. Tellez
Sergeant Major, Marine Aircraft Group 11

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Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 + Press 1

MAG-11 Mission Statement

Marine Aircraft Group 11 generates, embarks, and integrates relevant, combat ready aviation forces capable of providing Offensive Air Support, Anti-Aircraft Warfare, Assault Support, Aerial Reconnaissance, and terminal area Control of Aircraft; generates critical aviation logistics support; provides 12 of the functions of Aviation Ground Support; supports the generation of squadrons assigned to Navy Carrier Airwings; trains to standard Marine Fighter/Attack Pilots and Weapons Systems Officers and Navy Strike Fighter Pilots; and prepares to deploy the Marine Aircraft Group Headquarters as a Site Command capable of generating sorties to service standard for the Marine Tactical Air Commander; all in order to ensure success in combat in support of the MAGTF and Combatant Commanders.