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Graduates and instructors with the Lifestyles, Insight, Networking, Knowledge and Skills course pose for a group photo at the Education Center aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., March 20. The two-day course offers an orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle at all levels, helping families to adapt to challenges military life presents.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Christopher Johns

Military spouses receive better understanding of Marine lifestyle, benefits

21 Mar 2013 | Lance Cpl. Christopher Johns 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

A group of 10 spouses graduated from the Lifestyles, Insight, Networking, Knowledge and Skills Program Course aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., March 20.
The LINKS for spouses class is a two-day course that presented information regarding Marine Corps history, tradition, language, benefits, services, financial awareness, deployment, communication and moving tips.
“This class taught the graduates what they know in two days, where it took my wife 20 years to learn on her own,” said Lt. Col. Thomas C. Fries, MCAS Miramar executive officer. “This class is vital to bridging the gap in knowledge between Marines and their spouses and should be taken advantage of.”
The course aids service members and spouses communication concerning topics ranging from deployment and pay issues to military regulations.
“I feel a lot more comfortable now, knowing my wife can understand what I’m telling her and why I’m telling her some of the things I have to,” said Cpl. Roger Dye, a wireman with Marine Wing Communication Squadron 38 and a Redding, Calif., native. “She knows now that I’m not telling her she can’t say something or wear a certain article of clothing to be mean or spiteful, it’s because it could harm the reputation of the Marine Corps in different countries.”
Brianna Dye, Roger’s wife, learned a great deal from the course as well and has even suggested it to others.
“My sister is also married to a Marine and I told her that she needs to come take this class as well,” said Brianna. “I got way more out of this class than I thought I would.”
For more information on the LINKS Program call 858-577-4810 or check out the LINKS website at