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Major General Steven W. Busby, commanding general of Third Marine Aircraft Wing, left, promotes Cpl. Jamie Rinehart, a field wireman for Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, Marine Aircraft Group 13, at Cannon Air Defense Complex May 6. Rinehart was meritoriously promoted to the rank of corporal for her consistent hard work within the squadron and for coordinating a DUI Safety Stand Down training event that is now being shared across 3rd MAW as a real life experience without the real-life risk.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Brendan King

MWSS-371’s Rinehart shows true grit

5 May 2013 | Lance Cpl. Brendan King 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

The Marine Corps, as the smallest branch of service, prides itself on having a high percentage of service members who are considered, “force multipliers.” They often handle the responsibilities of two or more Marines of equal or higher grade and set an extraordinary example for their peers to follow.  A select few of these Marine’s are recognized for discharging the duties of a higher rank through meritorious boards and in some instances, through on the spot meritorious promotions.

Corporal Jamie Rinehart, a field wireman for Marine Wing Support Squadron 371 and a native of Canyon Lake, Calif., was willing to go far and beyond the call of duty to show the Marines in her squadron what can really happen when you drink and drive. Her keen understanding of how to impact Marines in her command as well as her steadfast work ethic resulted in her nomination and on the spot promotion to Corporal May 6.

In January 2013, Third Marine Aircraft Wing Commander Major General Steven W. Busby visited MWSS-371 to stress his discontent with repeated driving under the influence offenses and to challenge Marines to step up and find ways to put a halt to alcohol-related incidents.  Rinehart was up to the CG’s challenge.

Over the next four months, Rinehart planned and coordinated a DUI Safety Stand Down training event that Rinehart hoped would offer the Marines a real life experience without the real-life risk.

“Jamie put so much time and effort into planning this,” said Cpl. Cody Rinehart, an automotive mechanic for MWSS-371, a native of Milwaukee and husband to Jamie Rinehart. “To see all the work she put into it, knowing it was all her, and not her command making her, was real inspiring to see every night when I would come home from work.”

Jamie Rinehart has earned recognition throughout her squadron as a consistent and hard working Marine, in addition to having high physical fitness and combat fitness scores.

“She’s a great mentor for junior Marines to take after,” said GySgt. Elba Montalvo, the Radio Chief for MWSS-371 and a native of Dallas. To see her finally get awarded for what she did was great and I believe it showed a lot of the younger Marines that their hard work does not go unnoticed.”

Though she thrives as a Marine, Jamie Rinehart would not be the same person without her loving family being with her every step of the way.

Jamie Rinehart’s competitive spirit started early as the only girl in her family with three brothers (two older, one younger) who are all within six years of each other.  Two of Jamie Rinehart’s brothers are athletic trainers and the third is a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Navy.

“Growing up with my brothers definitely helped make me the way I am today,” said Jamie Rinehart. “We are always trying to push each other, make each other better and make sure that none of us are slacking.”

Not only did Jamie Rinehart’s family help her make her the person she is today, but those who she works with and around her have taken note of the genuine care she has for her fellow Marines.

“Even when she was a young lance corporal she was a really good motivator for us,” said LCpl. Charles Nunez, a field wireman under Jamie Rinehart and native of Reno, Calif.  “She is the best leader I’ve had during my short time in the Marine Corps.  I feel comfortable talking to her about anything, and still get this presence from her that she is all about business.” 

Though Jamie Rinehart has done a great deal to make herself stand above the crowd, she still remains humble to her Corps and knows her work is not done yet.

“I still have a lot left that I want to do while in the Marines,” said Jamie Rinehart. “For all the Marine Corps has done for me, I know I owe the people in it to give it my all.”