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U.S. Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, employ a tactical aviation ground refueling system while conducting expeditionary advanced base operations in support of Exercise Summer Fury 20 at Yuma Proving Grounds Range, Ariz., July 14, 2020. Summer Fury is designed to enhance Marine-Air-Ground Task Force integration and increase aviation operations proficiently with realistic, relevant training to ensure the Marine Corps’ largest aircraft wing remains operationally excellent, interoperable, deployable on short notice, and lethal when called into action. (U.S. Marine Corps photo By Lance Cpl. Jaime Reyes)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jaime Reyes

3rd MAW enters Phase 2 of Summer Fury

27 Jul 2020 | 1st Lt. Wesley Medeiros 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

Marines with 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) initiate phase two of Exercise Summer Fury 20 July 27, 2020. Phase two will provide 3rd MAW units the opportunity to further their abilities to conduct expeditionary advanced base operations (EABO), increase long range strike capabilities, and incorporate the unique capabilities that the F-35C brings to close-air support missions.

“Picture an island-hopping campaign, with [3rd MAW] units integrated with heavy lift helicopter and tilt-rotor units, establishing refueling points with expeditionary runways for the F-35C to integrate with ground forces well ahead of the carrier strike group,” said Maj. Andrew Williamson, operations officer of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314. “As a carrier air wing fighter squadron, [Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314] with the F-35C will be forward-deployed to parts of the world where other Marine fighter aircraft are not, and will bring fifth generation first-strike capability to Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations.”

During phase two, 3rd MAW will be able to refine tactics required for establishing EABO by conducting training at forward arming and refueling points (FARP), which will further extend operational reach by pre-positioning highly agile and specialized teams to sustain the force, as they move further from established bases. These FARPs will extend the area 3rd MAW assets can operate in, making it clear to would-be adversaries that nowhere is too far.

EABO is a Navy-Marine Corps concept approved by the Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Marine Corps in 2019. The EABO concept allows 3rd MAW the opportunity to employ with mobile, low-signature, operationally relevant, and sustainable expeditionary forces from a series of austere, temporary locations within contested maritime areas in order to conduct sea denial or support sea control.

3rd MAW continues to “Fix, Fly and Fight” as the Marine Corps’ largest aircraft wing, and remains combat-ready, deployable on short notice, and lethal when called into action.

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